Official Kingdom Disciples Logo/Patch

The Kingdom Disciples are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts with a passion for Christ. 

Join us as we enjoy the open road and the depths of our faith.

All of our events are coed and open to all riders. 

The Kingdom Disciples are led by ministry leader, Erik and Kathy Knutsen.  

Want to know more?  Email Erik!



1.   In order to be a member of KD MM you must be a Born Again Christian who regularly attends a biblical Christian Church (it does not have to be CLF).

2.   All Colors (back patch & pin) belong to KD MM. If someone chooses to leave the ministry or are removed from the ministry they must return their colors to the Road Captain.

3.   You do not have to ride or own a motorcycle in order to join KD MM.

4.   This Ministry is open to both males and females.

5.   No rides or events will take place in the name of KD MM without the prior approval of the Road Captain.

6.   It is expected that everyone who is a member of KD MM will conduct themselves in a Christ like manner on rides and in their personal lives.

7.   Non-Christians are welcome to ride with KD MM but cannot wear the colors as this is a Christian Ministry.